Dating needing relationship space

In her vetting process for potential clients at her matchmaking company, Platinum Poire, co-owner Rori Sassoon says she can spot emotional or financial neediness within a few minutes of meeting a person.

She also combs through their bio and photos, and usually knows what is a lie and what isn’t.

They may become concerned as to why the person who they desire with all of their soul has a need to be alone.

They ask themselves, what could they have done wrong. If she/he is upset, why doesn’t he/she want me to be with them? Often times when one half of a couple states that they need to be left alone, it has nothing to do with the other half of the couple.

“After the honeymoon phase is over, needy people do not set healthy boundaries and that starts to become a problem,” Rori says.

“This wither stems from their childhood, they didn’t get enough attention, or being bullied, so now they need to be validated.

I believe it is natural for us to desire to share our lives fully with each other and be joined at the hip.

The caveat to this is that even while we have a desire to be with each other all the time, we also must understand that there are times when one person or both will need to have time to be alone.

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“Calling someone and asking where are you is a turn off.

If they are showing neediness beyond what is normal, she can spot it—and she usually turns them away form her exclusive, high-end business.

What she is spotting early on is what many people don’t see until after they have been in a relationship with a needy person for some time.

”As a man, I find that hard to believe and highly doubt that women are hornier than men.

But if they are, then enlighten me with some scientific research.


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