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The following is an excerpt from an article appearing in the current issue of Living City magazine, a publication of the Focolare Movement.The article quotes Lubich by way of her participation in an interdenominational conversation dating to November 1988.Dating as a believer is not meant to be "casual"; it must focus on achieving a "covenant relationship"-seeking only for a covenant partner.Covenant dating is the biblical path to marriage for those in the dating pool who are tired of getting their hearts broken and not reaching their goal of marriage.I think it would be helpful to explain the differences between first tier, second tier, and third tier theological differences.Albert Mohler explains this beautifully in his article, “A Call for Theological Triage and Christian Maturity,” but the summary is this: issues are those doctrines which are essential for salvation and are at the bedrock of Christian theology.

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During his time at the Center for Civic Engagement, Drexel received recognition from the Corporation for National and Community Service, and special classification from the Carnegie Foundation in Curricular Engagement & Outreach and Partnerships.

Covenant Dating can help all those seeking a marriage partner to abide by God's intended plan to take you to help-meet status as a covenant partner.

It is not a list of rules but a lifestyle blueprint to guard your heart and your body.

We certainly won’t be able to answer every specific question as each situation will have so many variances to it.

As you can see, there are many different angles we can approach the subject of theological differences in relation to marriage and dating.


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