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It has no other policies, no other agendas and will not offer comment on any other issue.

DS4SEQ’s political objective is to convince Queensland’s major parties to consider reintroducing daylight saving time in Queensland.

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The DS4SEQ party believes that a dual time zone would allow south-east Queensland to adopt daylight saving time during the summer months (in the southern hemisphere).OPW - Jan 18 - Oasis Active is a big free Internet dating site that is very popular in Australia and South America.Dave Heysen and Daniel Haigh are the co-founders and will be attending i Date this week. We felt that together we would be a stronger market force and cover more of the market, particularly the Australian market. The deal was a Merger, with the aim to look for synergies between the two companies.The Oasis.com/platform will also now have the resources to push further into markets outside of Australia and promote our new App coming out early in 2015. Daniel Haigh (the other co-Founder of Oasis Active) is now the Director of Product and Technology and myself CEO of RSVP & Oasis.We are both Executive Directors of the combined entity.Reviewed by admin on feb 9, 2000 posted in friends date network oasis dating site free can provide.


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