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One site in Atapuerca, northern Spain, dating to about 400,000 years ago, shows evidence of what may be human ritual.

was capable of controlling fire by building hearths, or early fireplaces, by 790,000 years ago in the form of fire-altered tools and burnt wood at the site of Gesher Benot Ya-aqov in Israel. Evidence for this also comes from 400,000 year old wooden spears found at the site of Schöningen, Germany, which were found together with stone tools and the remains of more than 10 butchered horses.

This fossil site is located at the south-eastern tip of the island of Newfoundland, in eastern Canada.

It consists of a narrow, 17 km-long strip of rugged coastal cliffs.

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Mike Biehler has written an excellent response to the anti-biblical, anti-creation teachings of "evolutionary christian" Dr. Click here to read Mike's website "The Emporer has no clothes." offer tax deductible receipts for donations (charity status paperwork is in progress) , but donations are greatly appreciated to help defer the costs of construction and operation.was nearly complete except for the missing premolars and first two left molars; it is heavily built and lacks a chin. German scientist Otto Schoentensack was the first to describe the specimen and proposed the early humans—but we keep learning more! In 2008, our grand opening spurned two national surveys, one of those by Angus-Reid.One year later, they repeated the poll to see the effect and change in opinion across the nation after Canada's first Creation museum (BVCSM) opened its doors.Old-earth proponents often argue that if man and dinosaurs lived at the same time, their fossils should be found in the same layers.


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