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Today i was threatened by a group who called themselves "anonymous". Eventhough my friendlist settings are private they knew exactly who my friends were. Unlike the US NSA, the UK GCHQ is not required by law to minimize the collection from domestic citizens, so UK citizens could have been targeted on the same level as non-UK citizens.Though there were some limits to which photos security analysts were allowed to see, with bulk searches limited to metadata, security analysts were allowed to see "webcam images associated with similar Yahoo identifiers to your known target". For years, activists worked tirelessly to show the public that women living under the threat of violence don’t always show up to work with bruises and black eyes – and that violence, particularly intimate partner violence, often takes surprising, subtle forms that aren’t always easy to recognize.

Foreign hackers took over the “nanny-cam” of a Minnesota family and posted photos of their baby online.Optic Nerve worked by collecting the information from GCHQ's large network of Internet cable taps, feeding into systems provided by the United States' National Security Agency.NSA research was used to build the tool to isolate the webcam traffic. it would appear that a surprising number of people use webcam conversations to show intimate parts of their body to the other person. software allows more than one person to view a webcam stream without necessarily sending a reciprocal stream means that it appears sometimes to be used for broadcasting pornography.“I think that’s a false dichotomy.”Internet threats are threats, plain and simple – especially since there’s no opting out of the internet for women who want to stay connected to the rest of the world, or need to do so for their jobs.“When police officers tell victims of stalking and violence that ‘If you want to be safe from your ex, get off the internet’ – that’s alienating and unconscionable. There’s no checklist, of course, that women can use for guaranteed safety, online or offline.But what measures women take to feel somewhat safer in online spaces?This week, web-surfers could watch scientists in a lab at UC San Diego, employees talking at a nearby construction company, and the inside of a house filled with musical recording equipment.


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