Very sedating

I imagine he might not have to be asleep, but really to worn out to fight.

However I'm looking for the cost of something more for something that would do more than make the dog loopy- but would really make it where attacking is not possible. The dog HAS to be heavily sedated - and that is something said by the shelter.

There are a number of drugs and herbs used for their sedating properties, and sedation may be described as anything from calm to unresponsive to stimuli.

Giving a sedative in medicine could mean rendering unconscious, calming anxiety or promoting sleep, so the field is very broad.

Nevertheless, certain barbiturates are still employed as anticonvulsants (phenobarbital) and to induce anesthesia (thiopental).

Elavil must not be used in children under twelve except under the guidance of a child psychiatrist.

Adolescents (12-18 years old) have a stronger reaction to Elavil than do adults and may need smaller doses. However, suddenly discontinuing Elavil may cause withdrawal symptoms.

It is used primarily to treat major depression (both psychotic and endogenous), especially depression associated with a sleep disturbance.

Because of its sedative effects, it may be useful in treating anxiety associated with depression.


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