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If YOU Have Older Puma Knives You Would Like To Sell, Please Contact me at [email protected] started this website about 6 years ago and it soon turned into a 24-7 job. Being retired I will be in & out of town quite often, sometimes a week or more at a time (going to knife shows, fishing, hunting & spending time with my family) & this computer is NOT going with me.

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About 0.35% Silicon is also added to the base alloy to deoxidize the steel and further stabilize the blade.

This is a more expensive way to make knives, but we know that every knife that bears the PUMA proof mark really does deliver the promise of the best knife blade in the world.” 400 series steel is a popular choice for knife makers because it’s easy to sharpen and resistant to corrosion.

Here Are Some Examples of Some Rare and hard to Find Pumas. Be SURE To Check Back, As We Will TRY To Post New Pictures Monthly.

If you have a knife or knives you would like to sell or if you are looking to buy a knife from me, please feel free to contact me, but Please Be patience, it may be awhile before I get back to you.

I deeply regret having to do this as I know that your questions are important to you, & I have always enjoyed answering them for my fellow Puma Collectors, But time is no longer allowing me to answer your questions on a one on one basis.


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