Roshon fegan dating chelsie

Next, there were Gladys Knight and Tristan Mac Manus who danced the quickstep. Carrie Ann agreed with him as saying, "Fantastic performance. It just didn't have that sparkle." The former "Family Matters" actor earned 22 points.

Carrie Ann thought it was a little too casual for the quickstep, while Bruno advised her to be careful about her "frame." The Empress of Soul earned 19 points. Maria Menounos danced the quickstep with Derek Hough and she did better than last week.

We will be posting the video of it later tonight so don’t forget to come back and check it out!

Watch the video below and let us know what you think?

While Roshon and Chelsie gracefully accepted their toe-tapping demise, Maks shared words of surprise after the decision.The first round of Safe-or-Whats Once again, the dancers are on hot mics, so you can hear Melissa say “Oh my God! Jack and Anna have known they are safe for 12 minutes by the time they get their announcement. I almost ate it up there.” Melissa says she won’t cry, which she did a lot of in rehearsal. I wrote in “safe” for everyone in this batch as soon as I finished typing their names. More Sugarland This number is a bouncier song and I’m less resentful of them this time, even though they are between me and the final results. The troupe does some excellent jumpy spinny dancing. ABC doesn’t have pictures of this troupe number either, and in this case, it really would be worth firing off an angry e-mail. The final round of Safe-or-Whats Jack is on, on, on, smiling and , in the very high-strung way that actors sometimes get when they have lost their faith in the notion that you will still like them if they step offstage and stop being a character and just freaking relax. It definitely got a little sexy there in the end, in general I found your movements a little over exaggerated and at one time your foot came way off the ground.Scores: Carrie Ann: 7 Len: 8 Bruno: 8 = Total 23/30 Vote for Roshon and Chelsie Burke at # 1-800-868-3405 Don’t forget to finish the show DWTS will feature a special Motown Dance Marathon, where the couples will be showing off their classic dance moves from the Motown era.The 12 pairs of "Dancing with the Stars" season 14 returned to the stage on Monday, March 26 to dance one more time before one of them is sent packing.


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