Updating bmw navigation

Any owner can install this kind of update as long as your car features a Combox, which works with i Drive and enhances many technology features on your BMW.

All our prices are minimum two times cheaper than that of your car dealer, so there is no reason to pay double or triple to your local car dealer, when you can have it for half of the price or less from us.1.

And more importantly, can you install the updates on your own or do you have to go to your dealer?

A main software update addresses system-wide issues and features and upgrades any of your car’s electronic control modules (ECUs) that require it.

BMW Sirius Receiver E46 E39 X5 Z4 BMW Sirius Receiver New Body Style (Idrive) SIRIUS can be installed on all 3 Series E46 from 09/2002 - on without navigation and 09/2003 - on with navigation SIRIUS can be installed on all E39 5 series vehicles from 09/2002 - on without navigation must have a single in-dash CD radio, not a cassette radio SIRIUS can be installed on all vehicles produced from 7/2003 - On without navigation and from 03/2004 - on with navigation Restrictions?

All X3's (e83) must have SA 693 (Satellite Radio Preparation) or satellite radio cannot be retrofitted in any way.

In this article, we will discuss in-depth the steps required to upgrade your BMW’s navigation computer, display, software, and maps.

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Retrofitting navigation to a car that did not originally come with one, while not impossible, is exceedingly challenging, time consuming, and expensive.

You will be informed of this if you access one of these sections.

BMW has available for North American Customers Sirius Satellite radio that Fully integrates into BMWs with Navigation and without navigation.

To make sure you are getting exactly the update you need, BMW computers will first check the hardware number on each of your ECUs.

For this reason, these main software updates can only be completed by BMW dealers or shops equipped with special programming equipment (like Bimmer Tech).


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